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Proverbs 23:1 NASB

This verse is all about humility; not knowing your place in society or being subservient. Humility is a character trait very much in need these days. It’s not about false modesty – that is equivalent to a lie. I’m going to be a little bold here. The dictionary definition of humility is “as a low self-regard, importance and sense of unworthiness.” I think that’s not completely consistent with the Bible meaning of humility. We certainly don’t have a low view of our importance. We were important enough for the Creator of the universe to pay the ultimate price to buy us back. Recognizing that our value is found solely in His view of us and nothing we do on our own is humbling. Treating every gift and opportunity as a grace from God is a reflection of the humility we embrace as grateful children of our King. The world is looking for confident, kind, humble examples of God followers. Not arrogant, self-adsorbed, proud individualists. It can be a delicate balance. However, as we walk intimately with our Creator, His nature will dominate our unique gifts and personalities. Today, walk humbly in confidence as God continues to write His story through you. #BeTheEdge