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Proverbs 23:15 NIV

Keep up the good work. Didn’t you love when someone told you that as a child? I still like hearing that as an adult. I’m sure your employees, team or coworkers love hearing it too.  As a matter of fact that was Paul’s overriding theme in his first letter to the Thessalonians. He was saying, “I’ve heard a great report from Timothy about how you are living your faith. Keep it up!”. The best situation for any believer is to confidently head into eternity knowing that proclamation is going to greet them from the lips of their Savior. To know that will happen means to live a life of faithful service to Him. Living wisely and boldly for Him not only assures us of a powerful and impactful life as His ambassadors here on earth, it also means reward for us and pleasure for our champion and creator in eternity. I’ve often referred to the amazing, actually mind boggling, reality that God experiences intense emotional responses to the lives of His children – you and me. Observing others behaviors, especially our own children, can create strong emotional reactions in us, in the same way our behavior creates those in God, only in a much purer sense. I love the opportunity that gives us to impact the heart of the eternal. Today live as a wise child and experience the thrill of bringing gladness to the very heart of God. #BeTheEdge


“Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things…Come and share your master’s happiness!” Jesus