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Proverbs 23:31 NIV

Don’t panic. I’m not taking on your glass of wine here. Solomon might but I see a much broader truth for all of us. I don’t drink wine, so many years ago I’d read these verses and feel a bit holier than I had any business feeling. Red wine in Solomons day was considered the most superior of wines. It was considered so good that they believed it would make the lips of those who were asleep speak. You may have witnessed this happening. In a more serious light, the truth of this passage plays out across all areas of temptation. It is easy to watch someone enjoy too much wine or other forms of alcohol and excuse ourselves as we tolerate the passions, lusts or excesses in other areas of our own life. Solomon is basically telling us not to be ruled by our senses but rather by Gods word, our faith and reason. He is reminding us that some things that seem delightful and fun can really hurt us in the end. Sin has a way of slipping into our excesses. None of us need reminding of the destructive nature of sin. We only need to look around us on the news or in the homeless shelters. Obviously not all homeless have indulged in the excesses of sin but it certainly is a contributing factor to a lot of those we see there. It is also a contributing factor in a lot of the private and quiet brokenness in many of the lives we encounter every day. There’s an old saying that says take heed of the bait for fear of the hook. That is good advice even if you’re not a fish. It is a good rule of thumb whatever the temptation may be whether a sparkling glass of something tasty that we can easily over indulge in or something else that passes before our senses or our fallen nature that could drag us into sin and away from God. Today keep your focus on the things of God and enjoy all the things he offers within the boundaries of his design. #BeTheEdge


“Live as free people, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil…” 1 Peter‬ ‭2:16‬ ‭NIV‬‬