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Proverbs 2:4 NASB

When my grandson Patrick was 5 years old, I was pulling out of the driveway at his parents’ house when he came running out the door yelling “Granddaddy, Granddaddy!” I stopped, rolled down the window and asked, ”What?” He stared at me for a moment and then said, “I like candy.” That was it. It was his way of letting me know he wanted some candy. It was one of the rare occasions where I didn’t have any on hand for him. I offered him a $5 bill. He wasn’t interested. Candy was the most important and valuable thing in the world to him. Throughout our lives the thing we most value shifts. At some point for a lot of people it becomes money, possessions, or status. As believers, there comes a moment when the most important thing becomes Jesus, our eternity, and what God did for us. Sadly, that can often slip out of the preeminent position in our story. Many times, I’ve seen men and women of older age come back to the realization that what used to be the most important thing, Jesus, needs to be again. Actually, He always should have been. As our world and life go through a dramatic realignment in so many areas take a moment and consider where Jesus is in your priorities. Today, if for any reason Jesus is not first, put Him back where He belongs. #BeTheEdge

“But you walked away from your first love—why?…Turn back! Recover your dear early love. No time to waste… “ Revelation 2:4-5 The Message