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Proverbs 2:4 NASB

One thing that we all seem to enjoy is a good treasure hunt. There is a TV show called “Treasure Hunters” where teams compete to decipher cryptic codes and puzzles that contain a clue — leading them closer to the coveted grand prize. There are movies and numerous other shows and books that are all about the adventure of the treasure hunt. The anticipation is almost more exciting than actually finding the treasure. A while ago, my wife and I took the grandkids on a couple of local geocaching adventures. You follow GPS clues to locate a hidden “treasure.” It was fun, although the treasure was usually a bust. God has buried unending life fulfilling and eternal treasures both in His Word and along our life’s path. The challenge for us is to search for them as we read and study and as we live daily in His will. What we discover about Him, His creation, and His presence will, at times, create a deep realization of the awesome truths of eternity here on earth. Today, live with a true sense of the treasures He offers.