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Proverbs 24:11 NASB

Want a purpose for your life today? Of course, you do. While pursuing what God has laid out in your heart for the next right step in your journey keep your eyes open to those whom you encounter. They may or may not be important in your story. Who are we to determine why God brings someone across our path? I pray daily for family and others who are very important to me. One of my most earnest prayers is that God will bring someone into their life who represents Him and will connect with them in a way I have been unable to; that they can be the one who introduces them to the Savior. Peter Lord use to say that one of the reasons so many prayers go unanswered for so long is that God has trouble finding a willing servant to answer them through. I’m not sure about that theology, but the image is a powerful motivator. Today, live in such a way that you are available to be the answer to someone else’s prayer.