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Proverbs 24:4 NIV

As the President of a ministry to business leaders this verse is very pertinent. Because it is a ministry to help those leaders reflect their faith in their work place it is even more powerful. Solomon clearly is telling the reader that with God’s wisdom (vs 3) and through Godly knowledge their barns, storehouse, business will be filled with products of value. He is also telling us that our spiritual house, meaning mainly our life, will be filled to overflowing with the things of great value in the spiritual realm. Another benefit is we are given wisdom in how to improve our businesses with new or improved strategies, to fill the business and hearts with blessings and treasure. That’s right. I know that Christianity does not prevent the believer from the same challenges as non believers face. It has been accurately said that for every non Christian who goes bankrupt a Christian does. For every non Christian who battles cancer a Christian does. The difference comes in when God lets the world see the difference between how the two groups respond and how He responds to them. That being said the business leader who follows God does have access to the wisdom and knowledge of the creator of the universe. Tell me that doesn’t bring an edge to every part of life. Today serve Him and seek Him. He won’t let you down. #BeTheEdge


“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Jesus