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Proverbs 24:6 NASB 

When first approached about starting a new ministry to business leaders and influencers to help them know how to effectively bring their faith into their workplace, I immediately began a list in my mind of the men and women I knew or knew of who already modeled the mission of what would be known as The Edge. I met with them individually to explain the mission of this fledgling organization and invited them to be on the inaugural board of directors. Satan does not like the idea of men and women intentionally learning how to take their faith into their workplace with the goal of influencing their work culture for Christ, so I knew we would have to brace for battle. Having just been through months of spiritual warfare in another arena, I was not about to enter the battlefield without an abundance of wise counselors beside me. Recently, our team held an event attended by about 50 men and women who were invited to help lay a foundation to launch the ministry nationwide, and it was a beautiful time. The counsel that had brought us together to this point was clearly a gift from God and will continue to guide us as we boldly move forward. Today, look around you and confirm that you have the counselors you need as you proceed into your own battle. If you don’t, pause until you do, then go conquer the world. #BeTheEdge