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Proverbs 25:19 NIV


Non Christian friends are an important part of our lives. Some of the best counsel I’ve received over the years has come from some of these men. However when I have really big, life altering, soul impacting decisions to deal with I instantly turn to men and women with years of experience walking in the faith. It is because we share a love for Jesus and the knowledge of a Kingdom beyond this world that their counsel is able to reach beyond my friends who are not in the faith…yet. They realize that from a Biblical Worldview things can call for more than earthly wisdom. At times it can even go counter to very solid human perspectives. The knowledge of God and His ultimate plan for the reconciliation and redemption of the lost reframes many issues. Without that view it is very possible to make a seemingly smart choice which is unwise. We may end up in court when turning the other cheek is required. We might leave an inconvenient marriage when hanging in and working through brokenness can bring God’s healing. We may be called to not file bankruptcy but to allow God to work miraculously instead to clear our obligations and even bring growth. Steve Brown use to say for every hard thing a non Christian goes through one of God’s followers goes through it as well. God wants the world to be drawn to Him as the world watches the difference between how He navigates it with His children. There are innumerable issues and situations where well intentioned, well meaning friends lack the spiritual insight and wisdom to understand God’s better way. Today seek Godly counsel where needed. #BeTheEdge


“For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom….” 1 Corinthians‬ ‭1‬:‭25‬a NIV‬‬