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Proverbs 26:1 NIV


I just finished an article on, “28 Bizarre Celebrities Who Actually Have Honorary Doctorates.” Dr. Ed Sheeren, Dr. Kanye West, Dr. Ben Affleck are a few. Trying to figure out which of these is the most bizarre – Dr. Mike Tyson or Dr. Kermit D. Frog. We live in a culture that gives honorary doctorates and other honors to the most unusual people for what can be a flawed sense of value to community. I’m not at all suggesting that most honorary doctorates are not well deserved and important recognitions. Im certain they are. I’m actually currently working on mine. All of us get this momentary check in our spirit when we hear some of these. We may not be able to give it expression but we know something isn’t right. Kind of like being on a Florida July beach trip and having a 2 foot snow storm pass through. Showing honor and respect to a foolish person tends to reveal as much about those showing it as it does the ones receiving it. When Southampton College made a frog a Doctor I’m sure everyone enjoyed it in good fun. However, when Howard University made P. Daddy into Ph. Diddy I’m not sure the universities prestige grew, although their giving might have had a bounce. Today honor what reflects your Heavenly Father and point eyes toward Him. #BeTheEdge


“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Jesus