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Proverbs 26:12 NIV

This verse doesn’t mention the word pride. However, it is all through it. Pride is a favorite topic of Solomons. He is aware of how much destruction in a person’s life is caused by pride. The next most common topic is sexual sin and he makes it clear that pride is very often a key ingredient leading to that sin as well. Pride allows us to believe we are God of something in our story. And that sets us up for the ultimate fall. Pride makes us unteachable. A fool certainly does not have much hope of grasping God’s truth but there is a glimmer of recognition that a fool may someday realize who Jesus  is and what He offers. RSB tells us that the “prideful person recognizes just that, but he still rejects God because he wants it to not be true so badly.  He is willing to defy God to the end just so that he can remain on the throne of his own life.” That is a sad, dark picture. Pride as a sin is deadly spiritually and physically. Humility brings strength, wisdom and life. That certainly seems backwards in today’s world. God has always chosen to flip the worlds logic on its head. It’s part of how He keeps us humble. Today celebrate who God is and celebrate that He loves the humility of His followers. #BeTheEdge


“But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise…” 1 Corinthians‬ ‭1:27‬a NIV‬‬