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Proverbs 26:19 NASB

This chapter deals mostly with Solomon’s description of fools and sluggards. However, he also slips in some pearls of basic wisdom. There is obviously nothing funny about a hurtful act or word. “Was I not joking” is a reply from someone who has been caught saying a hurtful or ignorant thing; that person is typically very destructive and unkind in responding that way. They are very likely to never apologize as long as they have gotten away with what they have said. If we are truly “playing” our response should be genuine remorse and humility in apologizing and seeking forgiveness. The person who gets caught and says, “come on, can’t you take a joke?” is not a friend. Be careful how you play and who you allow to play around you. Today, be sure to operate with clean motives and out of a pure heart.