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Proverbs 26:2 NASB

“In middle Georgia, a local man ran for county sheriff and garnered only seventeen votes. The day after the election he paraded around town with a gun strapped to his waist. Someone asked him why and he said, with as few friends as I apparently have, I definitely need one.” (from The Warsaw Protocol, by Steve Berry) Paranoia is seldom deserved or helpful. Just because people set their sights on us does not mean we need to live our lives in response to their attacks. All of us have had things whispered about us that were not true. It’s a way of life. The lesson to learn, over time, is that ignoring and not reciprocating is God’s plan. When we do that, things will soon be forgotten and never take root. This verse tells us that. Thankfully our reputation rests in God’s hands. Live faithfully, not necessarily perfectly, but certainly in step with the Spirit’s leading and you are guaranteed to be attacked. That’s what Satan, the accuser, is here for. Today, ignore the whispers and walk in confidence that your Father is writing your story. #BeTheEdge