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Proverbs 26:4 NASB

There are people who live to get a reaction. They are just plain contrary. On social media they are called trolls and most of them are really good at it. They set you up by gently prodding, and after a few back and forth responses, they have you ready to climb through your device and go after them with a sledgehammer. These people are everywhere in life. They seem to only derive pleasure by drawing strong reactions from others. They may be a fan of another sports team or member of an opposing political party and don’t even really care about the issue at hand but want to see how worked up they can get you. There is enough to get on our nerves in life – like other drivers on the road, or someone not replacing the empty toilet paper roll, for example – to allow unnecessary irritants and provokers into our day. When you recognize those people in your story, quietly walk away. Today, as much as it’s in your power, be a person of peace and joy and look for those in your life, as well.