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Proverbs 26:7 NIV

“What makes a fool a fool is that when he has a chance to obey God, he chooses not to. When there is a God who loves like He loves, and who cares like He cares, only a fool would walk away from the love and care of a God like that.” (Anonymous) This pretty well sums up the kind of person Solomon is referring to. A lot of this chapter in Proverbs, and many verses in the rest of the book, compares the actions of the wise person and the fool. From God’s view there really are only two kinds of people in the world. And that really is the only view that matters. God looks at each person and either sees them covered by the person of His Son, and therefore as His child, sparkling clean and beautiful, or He sees them standing on their own – broken, dirty, and sinful. The wise are walking in the image of Jesus, while the foolish are not. He trusts the wise, His ambassadors, with being messengers of His reconciliation and redemption work. Fools are messengers of loss, sadness, and death. Today, recognize whose message you are and live as the wise live. #BeTheEdge