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Proverbs 27:1 NASB

In 5 or 6 days, millions of us will make commitments to change certain things in our story. We will give things up, add new things, realign priorities and people in our lives or any number of other adjustments to make us better people. It’s good to take time and reevaluate our lives and direction. That being said, on our list should certainly be adjustments that impact the eternal. As Solomon tells us there is no guarantee about tomorrow. We’re only guaranteed right now and, in a very interesting supernatural understanding, our eternity. All the time in between is completely out of our control and in the hands of our Creator. Changes that we focus the most on should involve those things that will make us more like Jesus. The things that specifically serve God’s kingdom so that the day He calls us home, which could be tomorrow or in decades, we are ready. You may have given up on resolutions because they tend to be broken within a week. Let me challenge you, along with myself, to make some serious resolutions that involve time in the Word, time in service for the kingdom, adjustments to our attitude toward others, and an endless number of other potential spiritual areas to address. Tomorrow is not guaranteed but our eternity can be. Let’s start the new year with an elevated level of trust for who God is and who He desires to be in and through us. Today, recommit your tomorrows to Him and look for tangible commitments to move you powerfully in that direction.  #BeTheEdge