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Proverbs 27:11 NIV


Almost every parent wants to raise children that they can point to one day with great pride. I have never been an advocate for judging a person by how their children turn out. They are free will agents. However, I know the joy of being able to point to my children when people ask and proudly tell them how they are doing at life. The real source of joy comes when I get to point to any of my grand children and talk about how they are doing life. If you have a few hours to spare just ask me how they are doing. Children are a gift and wise children are a profoundly joyous gift. The writers of “Let God Be True” go so far as to claim this verse teaches, “Godly character and conduct by a child makes a father glad, and it enhances his reputation before others. Children may easily please and honor their father by being wise as defined by Solomon. When a man takes a strong stand for truth, wisdom, and righteousness, his children can make him or break him.” It is important for us to see in this truth that as God’s children we also reflect on Him. People draw conclusions about Him based on the behavior of His followers, His children. You and I are commanded to represent Him correctly to a world that is desperately searching for Him. Many don’t even know it. That is why Jesus tells us we are to shine before them in such a way that they see Him. Today shine. #BeTheEdge


“…let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”Matthew 5:16 NIV