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Proverbs 27:17 NASB

I’m an introvert by nature. As with all introverts this verse can be a challenge for me to live out. Iron does not sharpen itself. It’s actually a pretty silly image to imagine iron flailing around trying to get itself sharp. Beyond silly, it is futile. You can exert as much energy as you want with a single piece of iron, you can totally exhaust yourself in the effort but the piece of iron, the knife or sword, will be as dull in the end as it started in the beginning of the effort. In the same way I can put a lot of effort into witty banter or intellectually stimulating conversation with myself, but I will be no wittier or more intelligent than I was when I began the exercise. We were built to need others for our growth and development to be made sharper. Conversely, we are also necessary to help others grow. Today, take your gifts, intellect, and wit and get them sharpened, and, while you are at it, sharpen others. #BeTheEdge