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Proverbs 27:17 NASB

Could Jesus have done His ministry alone? After all, He was a member of the Triune God. He had His father and the Holy Spirit always and everywhere, except maybe for a moment on the cross, right? But He picked the twelve disciples. He also had a large group who followed Him for a portion of His 3-year ministry. The Son of God, the Savior chose to travel this journey with a group of close, intimate friends and partners. Then He left that group to launch His kingdom. The reason we chose this as the foundational passage when launching the Be The Edge ministry is precisely because of the Biblical model of this truth in practice. Jesus’ model was the most powerful. We have the opportunity and the command to continue this model today, as we lead in God’s Kingdom work.  There are a dozen men who fill this role regularly in my life, and a couple dozen more who are beginning to be a part of this journey, as well. My wife (celebrating a closely guarded birthday today) fills this role, also. Today, reflect on who fills the role of sharpening your walk, and whose life you are sharpening, too. #BeTheEdge