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Proverbs 27:21 NASB

There is a delicate balance between honest self-awareness, pride, and false pride.  Henri Nouwen said, “The greatest temptations are not money, sex, and power, but self-rejection——because self-rejection contradicts the sacred voice that calls us the beloved.” The world can make it very difficult to find the place of healthy recognition in who we are in Christ. The key being ‘in Christ.’ For every place in the Bible that talks about God in us there are 10 that talk about us in Him. That is a powerful truth. It is easy for us to imagine Him in us; we imagine organs, blood and other things in us that we cannot see. However, God clearly puts an emphasis on the reality that we are in Him. To self-deprecate or wear an air of false humility devalues Him. A healthy recognition of the fact that we are a supernatural creation of the eternal, divine Creator of the universe gives us a proper look at who we are right now. The challenge is to always remember that we are this person solely because of Him, and this position comes with great responsibility. Today, live like who you are in Him. #BeTheEdge