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Proverbs 28:10 NIV

Ok, confession time. There have been times over the years when I have watched in expectant anticipation for this verse to be fleshed out in my own journey. On occasion I have been, as all of us have, the subject of rumors and accusations made behind my back. It is sadly a normal part of the human condition, if you are faithfully walking in God’s leading. When that has happened, as I have been made aware, I try to silently allow God to handle the outcome. Not to my credit, I find I am pulling for God to reveal the truth and for the perpetrator of the deception to get caught in their own trap. You reap what you sow, is another way of seeing the truth in this verse. As I’ve watched God handle a situation in which I have been maligned, I have seen it as a cautionary tale for my journey. My desire to deal forthright and honestly with others, regardless of how they have acted, is more a result of knowing that God will deal with ME. That is a lesson I’ve learned over time. God is faithful. He looks out for His children. None of us is truly blameless, however, we can certainly strive to be. Today, seek God and allow Him to handle detractors. They never completely go away, but He never doesn’t have your back. #BeTheEdge