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Proverbs 28:2 NIV

This seems pretty relevant in our world today. It certainly was a practical insight in Solomons day. There is no room here to dissect that here but suffice it to say that the whole history of Israel, until the rule and succession of David, illustrated this truth. Terrorist countries may have a political structure or leader but it is often the case that the terror leaders in that country or region really hold the power and control the policy. In the same sense a rebellious person is governed or ruled by their wants, desires and emotions. These pull them in various, mostly destructive, directions at a whim. Think about it. When you tend to sin, walk away from God’s best for your life, what is it that takes you there? A desire, temptation, that comes from a broken place in your life. When you align your mind and heart with the things of God you find a clear, peaceful path for your journey. Walking in obedience with only one ruler, King, and Savior, writing your story is what we were built for. Today follow the only one with all knowledge and discernment and find order and peace. #BeTheEdge


“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” Jesus