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Proverbs 28:26 NASB

I know a guy who is probably a genius. It is pretty obvious that when he is in a room he is most likely the smartest person there. The problem is that he is aware of that and acts accordingly. The thing I’ve learned watching the dynamics when he is around is that he is yet to realize that being smart does not make you wise. He trusts entirely in his knowledge to guide his actions. Consequently, very few people want to be around him. Wisdom tells us to rely on God and His Spirit to guide our actions and behavior. There are many people in this man’s story who are much wiser than he. I’ve seen them appreciate his knowledge and allow it to contribute to their journey; however, he has seldom benefited from their wisdom. We are all prone to trust in “what we know” and can miss out on the wisdom of “who to be” in any given situation. Today allow God’s wisdom to steward what you know. The world will appreciate it and you will grow wiser.