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Proverbs 28:3 NASB

In reading this verse my first thought was, “What is a poor man doing oppressing the lowly? Isn’t it the poor men who are the lowly?” Of all people, this guy should be compassionate to those struggling as he once did. Then it struck me that an old preacher once said that as Christians sharing the gospel, we are simply one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread. The other day, I saw a famous person publicly share his conversion to Christ. Immediately, comments started on social media from Christians about how bad this man had been and how undeserving he was of his new-found faith. In a starker example, I remember the outrage when Ted Bundy, a mass murderer of college girls, was led to Christ prior to his execution. Christians were outraged that he could possibly spend eternity in the same heaven they will after all he had done. Paul, the writer of most of the New Testament, killed Christians with a vengeance before he encountered Jesus, himself, on a dusty road in the Middle East. Today, serve God, and allow Him to decide who gets His grace and forgiveness. Then, celebrate that He is that gracious to all of us.