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Proverbs 28:6 NIV


Solomon paints a very clear and unflattering picture or certain people of means. “The Hebrew for the word used here for perverse literally is, perverse of two ways; i.e. who, going one way, pretends to go another; the “two ways” being the evil which he really pursues, and the good which he feigns to follow.” In reality you don’t have to be one of the rich to live a duplicitous life. I have been surprised over the years, and very recently by someone very close to me, by people who very comfortably present themselves as Godly, kind, generous in their lives, but turn out to be just the opposite. I’m always intrigued, occasionally hurt, but definitely always awed by the fact that they truly believe there is value in presenting a fake front. Similar to those cheap wear-house stores that invest a lot in putting a gorgeous false front on their facility that as soon as you walk through the door you find you are in a backwards, disheveled environment. Siracides says, “Woe to the sinner that goeth two ways”. And Jesus brother James tells us that a double minded person is unstable in all their ways. Hear that again, not in some things but in all their ways. Sure, they may hurt you, even break your heart, but in Christ’s redemptive love you will be ok. The results in their lives though, without repentance, will be devastation and lasting heartache. Today be sure you remain vulnerable and transparent as you walk a life in alignment with who you are in Christ and what the world experiences as you walk out your story. #BeTheEdge


“Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do.” James‬ ‭1:8‬ ‭NIV‬‬