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Proverbs 28:9 NIV

Solomon’s dad taught him this valuable principle. I remember as a young teen being a part of a group that got in trouble from some mischievous behavior that actually bordered on criminal. The whole group of us were suspended from our local tennis club. My parents were, to say the least, very hurt and disappointed. My dad was so troubled that he could not bring himself to have a conversation with me for days. After about 5 days of complete silence I remember being in our backyard doing some kind of yard work when I heard him quietly say, “Have you learned your lesson.” “Yes sir.” Will you ever do that again?” “No sir.”  and that was it. Relationship back to normal after that. The pain I experienced from the day’s of total isolation and separation we’re all I needed to avoid getting involved in that behaviour again. Solomon, David and many other writers throughout the scriptures tell us essentially the same thing. Not that God pulls away from us or shuts us off out of anger, pettiness or to get even. He does it out of love. He knows that we cannot stand to be separated from the God who loves us and who we love. We can only stand the broken relationship so long before we desperately want to do whatever it takes to be made right with Him. For some it’s moments and for others it can be year’s. Today confess your sin and walk in intimate fellowship with the God who loves you/ #BeTheEdge


“If I had cherished sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened;” Psalms‬ ‭66:18‬ ‭NIV‬‬