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Proverbs 28:9 NIV


But what if it’s a really good prayer, right? If we live disobedient lives, if we are not only not interested in what God wants but purposely reject His will we can be sure our prayers are not aligned with Him as well. Why would one expect God’s interest in the requests of the intentionally rebellious. Elsewhere He tells us if we hold onto our sin in our heart, desire it to remain in our story, He will not hear our prayer. Interestingly it does not say He cannot, it tells us that He chooses not to. Here is the good news. We were created first and foremost for relationship with Him. When He withholds Himself from that relationship because of our sin he knows that as time goes by we will experience that loss deeper and deeper until we recognize that the sin we are clinging so mightily to is not worth giving up the presence of our God in every moment of our story. At that moment we will flip the script. We reject the sin, repent and return to the God we love and miss. In other words it is out of His love for us that He ignores us while we are in sin knowing how we will ultimately rejected it to regain our place in his presence. It doesn’t mean we lose our salvation it just means our fellowship is broken. This happens in marriage. It happens with children. It could happen with anyone that we have a relationship with that we treasure and cherish. When those relationships are broken we can only take so much distance before we are willing to give up on our selfish desire so we can restore that relationship. In the case of our Father God, His motives are always clean and pure and holy. And ours are not. Today if necessary, repair and return. #BeTheEdge


“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9 NIV