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Proverbs 29:6 NASB

There used to be a potato chip commercial that made reference to the fact you could not eat just one. One would lead to two, which would lead to ten, which would lead to an empty potato chip bag. In the same way, sin is addictive. You step into sin, and before you know it, it’s got you in its grip. And that is a miserable place to wake up and find yourself. Conversely, being unleashed from the grip of sin as you walk in Christ’s light brings freedom. The list of reasons to rejoice over a life lived in the light, love, peace, joy, and freedom found in Christ is enough to make anyone sing and dance. The days I stop and reflect on what I have, and more importantly, who I am in Christ are powerful. Today, lift your eyes above your circumstances, see who you are in Jesus, and sing His praises out loud (dancing optional). #BeTheEdge