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Proverbs 30:1 NIV

I just want to tell you, I like Agur. Some theologians believe Agur was just another name for Solomon. Most don’t think so. His style and the names in this chapter seem to make that unlikely. Either way, in this chapter he reveals himself as observant. There can be a fine line between worshiping the Creator of nature as revealed in His creation and worshiping nature. We especially see it today as some in the environmental movement have made a god of nature. As followers of the Creator, we have a very healthy tension between realizing that one day this world will end and that cannot be stopped, yet we have a caretaker responsibility for the planet given to us by God, Himself. You might wonder what all this has to do with the verse I chose today. It is actually more of a glimpse at the author and how he viewed God and His world. As Kidner put it, “Agur is one inviting us to look again at our world with the eye of a man of faith who is an artist and an observer of character.” As someone who spends a lot of his day thinking strategically and helping others reflect the Savior in where they work and live, I love the challenge to appreciate the art and beauty of God all around us in His creation. Romans tells us that He reveals Himself to us through the works of His hands in all of creation. Today, take a moment, look at the intricacies of a blade of grass below and the majesty of the heavens above and reflect on the One who brought them both (and you) to life. #BeTheEdge


“…I meditate on all your works and consider what your hands have done.” Psalms 143:5b NIV