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Proverbs 30:19 NIV

At first glance the first three of these sound like cool things to watch. However, the writer is letting us know that these are all things that travel through life without leaving a trace of having been there. It sets up the fourth which is considered an abominable sin, an adulterous act that gives no outward appearance that it ever happened. The air does not hold a pattern of the eagles flight nor does a rock from the snake slithering across it. Certainly out on the high seas there is no left behind trail from a passing ship. Though there is no trail to show the prior act of the Eagle, the snake or the ship there is a history that they were there. And even though there is typically no sign left behind of an adulterous act each participant will forever carry the signs of the act. Over time the inward impact of adultery and all sin will begin to express itself in physical, mental, emotional and especially, spiritual signs. Unrepentant sin causes a hardening of the heart that ultimately expresses itself in a persons demeanor. They become crusty and hard. Unkind and unloving people have a heart weighed down by sin. It may take years but if not confessed and repented, lives will be ruined. Today confess your sin and be transformed. #BeTheEdge

“There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.” Jesus