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Proverbs 30:5 NASB

There are so many promises of God to us both corporately and individually throughout the Bible. There are also conditions attached to some of those promises. The thing that is sometimes missed is that the condition is as valuable to our life as the promise is.  In 2 Chronicles we read that God wants to heal our land. First, however, it says that if we will humble ourselves and pray that will be the result. If He just reminded us to humble ourselves and pray, we should jump on the great gift it is for us to truly recognize our smallness in His universe and the great privilege we have in being able to approach the Creator and Sustainer of all life and existence. Add to that the promise that this attitude and prayer brings healing – we should turn backflips at the overwhelming love and grace of our God and King. God’s Word, but more importantly His people, are being tested today in a new way. There is a lost, hurting, frightened and broken world watching to see our trust in Him and His response to us. It is an exciting and risky way to live. However, for those of us who truly know our God there is no risk in living out our trust in Him. Today, find rest and refuge in Him and walk out your faith boldly in front of watching eyes. #BeTheEdge