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Proverbs 30:6 NASB

People do this all the time. I constantly run into people with a problem with God because of something they “heard” He said. When we start to unpack what it was that they heard, often we discover that it is found nowhere in His word, and is not even implied in His word. One example that is most frequently pointed to is the concept of “works” – that they have to do something to become good enough to be a Christian. They assume there is a list of behaviors to avoid, or some duties required to participate in to be born again. Go to church, read the Bible, and help little old ladies across the street frequently make the required list. The list of “can’t dos” is even longer. You can’t smoke, dance, swear, and on and on and on. Any one of these will apparently keep you out of heaven. Thankfully, God’s only requirement for admittance to eternity with Him is a relationship with His Son, Jesus. The behavior of a Christian is obviously important, but it really only matters after we know Him, and we should let Him define that, anyway. Today, speak only love and truth, and watch people be attracted to the God we serve.