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Proverbs 30:9 NASB

There are jobs where you punch in and punch out, and anytime that you are not “on the clock” is yours to do as you please. There are other jobs where you are always on the clock. In those jobs what you do always reflects on your employer. Ministers are usually aware that in public they always represent their church or ministry. Athletes are disciplined by their teams for bad behavior even not “on the field.” In this verse the writer is aware that He represents God all the time. What He says and does reflects on the God He serves. A superstar of the entertainment world recently professed a newfound faith in Jesus as His Lord. Comments in the media and on social media immediately began about his past behavior as well as speculating about his future behavior. The reality of his new faith is being judged by his daily behavior. So is yours. Today live to honor the one you serve. You are being watched and He is being judged.