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Proverbs 31:1 NIV

I once wrote a devotion that ended with a wise quote by Gandhi. I was later asked by someone if I thought it was a good idea to quote a non-Christian in one of the devotions from Proverbs. It made me stop and reflect for a moment. Tradition speculates that King Lemuel from this Proverb was a pagan king who later put his trust in Yahweh. Again, no one knows for certain, but if that is true it is very interesting that He made it into God’s inspired “Word.” If we truly believe that all truth has its source in God then we should, after weighing it against the scriptures, be able to learn from it. As president of the ministry The Edge, which has as its mission to help business leaders influence their corporate environments with their faith, I am currently reading and sharing from a book written by a man I believe is a Buddhist. I’m not sharing his theology but the wisdom of running a business, or our life, by an infinite (Godly) versus finite (worldly) perspective which certainly reflects taking biblical truth into the marketplace. The old Christian musician Larry Norman referred to this as shining “streams of white light into darkened corners”. When you came to Christ you most likely had some wisdom from a parent or from life in general you brought with you. Today, look for God’s truth from wherever He decides to share it, test it carefully against His Word, and learn from it. #BeTheEdge

“Guide me in your truth and teach me…” Psalms 25:5a NIV