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Proverbs 3:3 NASB

A safe deposit box, a gun safe, your wallet, the bottom back corner of your dresser; these are all places where we tend to keep valuable items that we want to keep safe. If we treasure something, we often find a safe place to keep it. We don’t want it damaged or stolen. Think of the things you value most. Where are they and how much attention do you give to their care? Solomon is making that same case here. Treating others with the same character and care of Jesus is our calling. How we handle those things, especially kindness and truth, in our story speaks volumes about how much we value them. You will certainly not forget where you placed something if it’s tied around your neck. If it’s written and treasured deep within your heart it will always be available and immediately useful in your story. As I’ve said before you can never have too much kindness these days – actually, ever. An unlimited supply should be nurtured, cared for but not clung to tightly. When we try to manufacture it in our own strength and power it will not last, especially with all that is thrown against us in this life. When we draw close to the Creator of kindness, love, and truth and we then reflect who He is, it comes from His unlimited supply. Today, draw close to God, treasure the gifts he gives all, and conversely, share them freely.#BeTheEdge