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Proverbs 4:12 NIV

When my oldest was little I would play baseball with him in the yard. I would pitch the plastic ball to him, and he would hit it with his little plastic bat. When he was ready for a little organized ball, we joined the local coach pitch league. I was his coach. In the first practice game I threw him a pitch and he hit it beautifully, as I knew he would. He stood there and watched it go like he knew it was going over the fence. There were no fences, and it didn’t really go that far. I immediately called out to him, “Run, Kev!” With tears starting to form in his eyes he responded, “Where?” You see, in my teaching him to play baseball in the yard I taught him to hit the ball really well, then he would run to random trees and finally back to “home.” I never taught him the rules to be truly successful at baseball. Solomon is telling us here that we all walk and at times run in life, but he taught his son how to travel wisely through this world with God’s wisdom by God’s design. As a three-year-old, my little guy looked a little silly but very cute. As grown men and women, we just look foolish when we don’t travel this world by the wise design the Creator laid out for us. Today, walk and run in the wisdom of our God and boldly navigate your story. #BeTheEdge


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