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Proverbs 4:14 NASB

A friend of mine wrote a song. I believe the name of it was, “Home by Another Way.” It talked about how the wise men in the Christmas story came to Jesus after a meeting with King Herod. In this meeting, the King, who was deeply disturbed by the report of another king being born, deceived them, and asked that once they found this newborn King to come tell him where He was so he could go worship Him, as well. He had no intention of worshiping the baby Jesus; his intention was to kill Him and eliminate a potential threat to his power. After finding and worshiping Jesus, they were warned by God to go home a different way, thereby avoiding Herod. We all came to Christ broken, lost, and sinful, no matter what age. God did not save us to leave us the same. He did not save us to clean us up. He saved us to change us completely. He saved us to conform us to the image of His Son. He saved us to bring us home to Him a different way. Today, allow God’s Spirit to transform you and make you new.