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Proverbs 4:4 NASB

I have heard, for most of my Christian life, that our relationship with Jesus is not based on emotion; that too many of us make emotional decisions to follow Christ and that’s why, when the emotion wears off, we walk away from our faith. We could compare it to marriage and say that marriage is not based on emotion. If it were, we would wake up one day not “feeling” in love and walk away from our marriages. There is a lot of truth to that…in both cases. However, reality tells us that moving from eternal darkness and eternal lostness to eternal light and relationship is going to bump into our emotions. Receiving the indwelling of the Holy Spirit at salvation is not unlike having a nuclear power generator slammed into our core. It will elicit some type of emotion, and that’s good. No, that’s great. We should feel it, celebrate it, rejoice in it and want to shout about it. Scripture tells us that the angels burst into a party when you cross over from eternal death and separation to eternal life and connection. Today, celebrate your standing in Christ and that of those you know who are followers, as well. It merits the joy. #BeTheEdge