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Proverbs 5:2 NASB

I was at lunch with some friends the other day. When I left, the guy I was riding with said, “George sure does talk a lot doesn’t he?” I quickly thought back over the past hour and realized George really did talk a lot. What he had to say was always either interesting or entertaining, and at times gently self-deprecating. It never seemed overbearing. However, to a newcomer in the group I realized how it could seem a bit dominating. Years ago, I realized that if I was talking, I wasn’t learning. As I speak, I’m sharing what I know, but I’m missing an opportunity to hear what someone else may share that could deepen my own pool of knowledge. It could be a spiritual insight as well as useful worldly knowledge. Jesus taught us to ask questions and to listen closely. Everything I hear is certainly not useful, but if I’m talking, then nothing is new. Also, if I’m listening, I will not accidentally say something I will later regret having said. And yes, that has happened. Today, listen and learn.

“He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” Jesus