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Proverbs 5:21 NASB

A quick google search reveals there have been numerous movies, book, and TV plots based on the idea of the “perfect crime”, especially the concept of the perfect murder. Writers have worked to foil fictional detectives and observers alike by creating scenarios where every conceivable detail has been accounted for so that the criminal is untraceable. Usually there is one obscure detail available for our hero to discover and subsequently unwind the entire nefarious act. In a very real sense, the perfect, completely hidden sin is impossible. Man has forever believed that under the cover of darkness, through tricky accounting or some other sly means, he can hide sinful acts. This verse and others remind us that even though the rest of the world may never know, which is doubtful, God sees and knows all. This truth can have a purifying effect as we dwell on it. Today, realize that God is audience to all our thoughts, motives, and actions, and let that truth correct your walk. #BeTheEdge