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Proverbs 5:21 NASB

You are not alone. It can be easy in these days of high tech, low touch living to feel very isolated and alone. There is a tendency, sometimes deserved, to read this verse as a caution that God is aware of when we wander into sin. I believe it is even more powerful to realize that we never are alone. We can be sitting still yet God is right there in our story. He sees not only the physical paths we travel but He knows intimately the deepest thoughts and struggles in our hearts and minds. He is aware even beyond what we comprehend of the places where our mind travels. These can be very trying days. As hard as they are on our economy, personally and corporately, they are wreaking havoc on the spirit and very soul of many. Satan wants to kill your body but even more he wants to destroy your soul. The days of isolation and constant fear-driven news are his tool to chip away at your spirit. I need to be able to walk in the sunshine, ride swiftly on the water, laugh with friends over a fun meal. It’s how I was built. During these days the longer I go without being able to engage in these things the more it wears on my spirit. God knows that. He made me that way. He is watching closely, and His Spirit is working through His truth and supernatural presence to counter the sense of loss. Today, allow Him to fill the void and bring you joy, peace, and rest through His presence. #BeTheEdge