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Proverbs 5:21 NASB

Three-year-olds cannot drive a car. It doesn’t matter how smart, athletic or gifted they may be, they simply are unable to accomplish the task at that age for numerous reasons. Jesus was fully God and fully man, yet at the age of one (1) He was completely unable to care for Himself. His Father sent Him to a family knowing that they would take care of Him, nurture Him, and help Him grow to maturity. If Jesus, the Son of God, had to be totally dependent on His Father for His growth and development when He first arrived on our planet, how much more are we dependent on God to guide and direct our steps along the path He has created for us. And not just at the earliest stages of life, but throughout our entire life. Dependence on God is not only essential, but whether we realize it or not, it is highly desirable. He loves us and knows better than we ever could where our next step, and our next step, and our next step should land and lead. Today, thank God for His constant attentiveness to our journey and His compassionate willingness to lead.