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Proverbs 5:3 NASB

In an attempt to be very relevant and immediately useful in our daily walk, we don’t usually get too deep in our Edge Daily devotions. For today’s, I want to give a quick look at the words ‘lips’ and ‘honeycomb’ as used here. Lips as used in this passage means what we speak with – clearly, the mouth. Danger comes from a mouth speaking words that are seductive and delicious – they are represented by the image of honey from the comb. But even more specifically as Kimchi explains it “…as the honey flowing from the cells before they are broken, and hence it is the pure fine virgin honey.” Exactly the same phrase occurs in Song of Solomon 4:11. Yes, Song of Solomon. There are few images more enticing in Scripture than one painted by Solomon of sexual and romantic pleasure. For us, today the focus is the contrast of the source of temptation. Yesterday, a friend shared how they know their opposition on social media by their comments. I’m not clear why they keep opposition on social media. It is their choice, but that’s a different devotion. The point here is that whether on social media or not they, as are all of us, are much more likely to be led astray, even into sin, by those whose speech they mostly agree with or are enticed by. Those that masquerade as on their side or pulling for them will be much more likely to lead them astray. Simply put, open evil tends to scare a Christ follower off, but a tasty bit of gray can entice us into a dangerous diversion. Today, focus on the clarity of truth in Scripture and let that be your grid for thought and action. #BeTheEdge

“Keep watching and praying, so that you do not come into temptation; the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Jesus