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Proverbs 5:7 NASB

Jesus gave clear instructions to His followers. Those instructions are still for us today. At times they may not seem as understandable as when Jesus looked His disciples in the eyes and clearly told His plan for them. We can lose some of that clarity by listening to confusing or self-serving voices. Sadly, there has never been a shortage of people and movements looking to gain power, influence, or even profits from hurting and confused people in this world who are looking for truth and a savior. However, the listener is responsible to diligently vet the ones whom they are listening to. For many years as a ministry leader in our community, I was often asked to recommend a “good church.” I took it as a serious responsibility. When I would welcome new pastors and para church leaders into town, part of that welcome included discussing their basic theology. You can learn a lot about a church by knowing its leaders. It is also easy over time to become sloppy about our theology. Today, take some time and get reacquainted with the basics of the faith and be sure the voices that speak into your story align with God’s truth. #BeTheEdge