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Proverbs 6:1 NASB

There is a difference between loyalty and indebtedness. Loyalty is a great quality and we can all benefit from having loyal friends. In the same way, we bless others and the world in general when we ourselves live as loyal friends. Becoming surety essentially means that we are ready to assume another’s debt, usually motivated by loyalty to the other person. I took on the responsibility of being surety for a friend once and almost lost our home over it. That was a very dumb move. It wasn’t loyalty, although I thought at the time it was, but stupidity, which I know at this time it surely was. I am wiser today. 2000 years ago, Jesus took on responsibility for my debt. It was a debt I surely owed yet could never pay. He stepped in, payed the debt with His life, and then offered me the opportunity to accept His payment on my behalf. The amazing thing is I could have said no and stayed in bondage to that debt for all of eternity. Jesus became surety for me. Unlike me, He knew exactly what He was getting into and did it willingly. Today, reflect on the price paid on your behalf and live in a way that shows your gratitude to the purchaser. #BeTheEdge


“Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” Jesus (Mt. 20:28)