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Proverbs 6:14 NIV

Sometime around that first Christmas, the Wisemen showed up looking for the newborn King. They ended up at Herod’s place asking for directions. Being the evil, frightened, deceiver he was, Herod told them to let him know when they found the child King so he could ‘go worship Him too.’ Lie! I’ve met a few ‘Herods’ in my life. The challenge for a good-hearted person is to recognize the deceiver and their deceit for what it is and, as the wisemen did, hear God’s voice and steer clear of their evil plot. It is very easy to want to believe the best of everyone. That’s why it is critical to develop a sensitivity to the voice of God when He speaks. It is also easy to become that voice of deception. When someone hurts you there is sometimes the temptation to want to get even. Thankfully, the same Voice that cautions us against the plots of the evil one also cautions us not to become evil, ourselves. Today, listen to the voice of God and walk in His counsel alone. #BeTheEdge