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Proverbs 6:2 NASB

Have you ever made a social media post and deleted it? Lots of people on Twitter seem to remove their tweets once the media discover it and attack it. Probably most of them should not have been posted in the first place. We do the same thing in life, but those things cannot be deleted. Solomon’s counsel to us when we have offended someone is to immediately go to the person offended and seek their forgiveness. I’d like to suggest that this can be life changing in a marriage and other familial relationships. Friendships and business relationships can be powerfully impacted by witnessing the humility of genuine repentance for hurtful words. I recently witnessed a lifelong friendship ruined by a thoughtless comment made in the heat of the moment. I saw pride allow it to stay that way. In the same way I’ve seen a casual business relationship blossom and grow after one of the parties owned up to an inaccurate statement which slipped out of their mouth. They quickly took responsibility for their unthinking comment. It was a great sign of the person’s willingness to be held accountable and showed character that the other person saw as admirable. Today, watch your words and when they are unkind or untrue, take immediate responsibility for them and make it right. #BeTheEdge


“From the same mouth come both blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not to be this way.” James 3:10 NASB