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Proverbs 6:2 NASB

I have been haunted by things I’ve said. Things I didn’t mean or didn’t phrase well but should not have allowed to escape my lips have caused me many restless nights and uncomfortable moments. Once said they are nearly impossible to retrieve. Nearly. Most of the time, with great humility and courage, we can fix them to some extent. At times, we find they were a bigger deal in our own mind than in the other person’s. Whatever the case, when we say something hurtful, confusing, or just plain wrong the burden is on us to make it right. Regardless of the other person’s response we are encouraged, even instructed, to make it right. It is very interesting to me to think about how many broken relationships are never healed because words said in anger or pain were never corrected or confessed in times of reflection. Perhaps there is someone who needs to hear words of healing from you. Today, look to set right what your mouth may have set wrong. Or, maybe it’s time for you to let go of the words that hurt you and forgive another.