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Proverbs 6:22 NASB

I read this headline today, “US braces for ‘saddest week yet’: Churches empty for Palm Sunday.” I try not to get caught up in the whole ‘fake news’ debate but I find this headline striking for two reasons. I believe there is a lot of truth in the first statement in the headline. The projected death toll, the stories of people of all ages dying alone while quarantined, and the sadness of isolation coupled with the difficulties in business, etc. are very heart wrenching. From across the room my wife just said, “Wow, the death toll just passed 600 in …” It’s going to be a dark and sad week to 10 days for sure. On the other hand, I’m intrigued by the secular media’s interpretation of ‘The Church’ not gathered in a building on Palm Sunday or even the upcoming Easter Sunday. My wife and I just watched a powerful message about miracles yesterday. We watched with thousands of others. I see stories of Christians and their businesses working to care for their employees, customers and communities everywhere I look. One of my favorite posts on social media I recently saw said, “The church has left the building.” It is incumbent on us as ‘The Church’ to take the love, light and peace of God out and into this coming moment of oppressive darkness. God’s Word planted in your spirit has a beautiful message to every life you encounter. Today, let it loose. #BeTheEdge