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Proverbs 7:19 NASB 

There is a pretty well-known story about the extent Billy Graham went to so he would not only avoid the opportunities for sin, but to avoid even the appearance of sin. He would not meet with or be driven by a woman alone. He always had the TV removed before he went to his hotel room. There is a story of him getting into his room once, finding the TV still in there, and throwing it down and breaking it. Politicians have recently been labeled as misogynist for having the same standards when on the road campaigning. There are lots of troubling messages in this chapter, as well as implied in this verse. However, I think one of the most important messages speaks to the vulnerability that resides in all of us to fall, or even to walk boldly into sin. Building accountability into our lives to protect us from temptation in those areas of vulnerability is just smart. Today, look at the areas where Satan has a tendency to trip you up and find ways to avoid even getting close to them.